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Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2023

Spring Capsule Wardrobe
I’m writing this at 38 weeks pregnant and I can’t wait until I don’t have to wear maternity clothes anymore. It will still be several weeks, and I’m in no rush to get my “body back,” but thought making a guide for my spring capsule would help take my mind off the blah-ness of my current wardrobe. 
The vibe for this capsule is simple, casual and relaxed. Thinking loose fitting jeans and trousers for my adjusting body, casual and comfort tops for being at home with a baby and for when I actually go outside some cute shoes and accessories to dress up a simple look. Below is my vision for my capsule and some specifics of what I want to add (and a few I already added but haven’t been able to wear yet)
Spring Capsule Wardrobe

5 Outfits I Can't Wait to Wear From My Spring Capsule

These 5 outfits I’m planning on wearing on repeat this spring. As a Sezane partner (this means I’ve been gifted items and will receive a commission if you purchase through my links. Thanks so much for your support!), I’ve picked most of my items from them. I honestly just love all things Sezane. They fit my vibe of pulled together casual with a Parisian influence. I also feel like I have no idea where to shop anymore or what my “style” is compared to what’s trending in the usual stores I used to shop. So, I’m going back-to-basics and building out from there. Sezane just makes really beautiful, high quality basics and many I’ve had in my closet for years. 

Spring Capsule Wardrobe outfit inspiration

Love how simple this look is, but it feels very polished. I’m thinking of this as my “I’ve only slept 3 hours last night nursing a newborn, but I want to look sort of presentable” look for those first few months when I venture outside my postpartum den. 

Spring Capsule Wardrobe outfit inspiration

I love the simplicity of this look. Personally, I’d swap out the black shoes and belt for brown for a more casual vibe. 

Spring Capsule Wardrobe outfit inspiration

This looks like the perfect “not sure what to wear and need to get out of the house look stat” even if its just a walk to the park. 

Spring Capsule Wardrobe outfit inspiration

This feels very Parisian and I love it. It also kind of looks like fancy pajamas, which I love even more. Wearing cream with 3 kids is a risk, but I’m willing to take it for this look. 

Spring Capsule Wardrobe outfit inspiration

Nothing better than a simple tee and jeans look. Just by adding a few on trend accessories you instantly have a well styled classic outfit. Sold. 


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