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Episode #8: Must Have Kitchen Essentials (Budget $ to Investment $$$)

Sharing our top 8 kitchen items we use daily and can’t live without. They range in price from $10 to $300 and we tried to find some budget-friendly dupes and tips for getting them at a deal!


Kimberly’s favorite 8″ chef’s knife. You can often find them new on ebay for a lower price. 

Kimberly’s favorite large frying pan with sides and a lid. Here’s a budget-friendly option

Kimberly’s favorite citrus press

Kimberly’s cutting board set

Kitty’s must have knife sharpener

If Kitty has to pick just one coffee option it would be this one because she can do it one handed. 

Kitty’s favorite blender. We both bought ours refurbished and save money. 

Kitty’s must have batter bowls. Here’s a plastic option (great for cooking with kids) and a pottery option (great for prepping and serving in). 

Bonus, Kitty talked about this baby food grinder


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  • Mae
    September 6, 2021

    I’m curious if you would still recommend the Berkey water filter for a kitchen?