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We have a podcast! Our first episode

Kitty Cotten and Kimberly O'Malley Podcast

We have a podcast! And by “we” I mean my sister, Kimberly and me! It’s very creatively called, “Kitty and Kimberly’s Podcast.” This is a photo from our trial run recording with our babies in toe. As many of you already know I have a youtube channel and been uploading for years now. I absolutely love youtube and the community there, but I’ve been wanting to share more intimate, chatty topics and a podcast just felt right. I pitched the idea to my sister and she said yes! So here we are. A few podcast episodes recorded and we’re loving it! 

Here’s what to expect – a weekly episode published every Wednesday where my sister and I chat about things from being new moms, house hunting, our destination weddings, planning our capsule wardrobes and everything in between. If you have a topic you want us to cover just send us a DM on instagram @kittycotten or @kimberlyomalley_ or send us an email here.

Show notes for episode #1: Hello and funny childhood stories

We shared what we’re going to share in upcoming episodes and some funny childhood stories, like the story behind how my sister wore pigtails in her school picture and my favorite summertime hobby I’d guess most kids didn’t do.

Kimberly's kindergarden school photo.

And just for fun here are some childhood photos of us…


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The Comments

  • Christie J Priem
    May 12, 2021

    Oh my goodness, you two are precious! I love love love childhood photos. In fact, I was just looking through some of mine this morning. I love remembering that fierce girl. Looking forward to whatever you put out. xo

  • Tulsi Chudgar
    May 16, 2021

    Omg omg! I always binge your videos on weekends while I clean and do laundry. I have a younger sister too, so I am so excited to start listening to you both talk about life!