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Favorite Minnesota Thrift Stores

If you’ve been following my youtube channel for awhile now you know how much I love thrifting. Buying secondhand is budget-friendly and better for the environment than always buying new. I’d say half of my wardrobe is secondhand and many of the pieces in my home from kitchen ware to furniture has been thrifted. So, many of you asked me on instagram what my favorite local Minnesota thrift stores are, so here’s my list:

Arc Value Village

Arc Value Village is easily my favorite thrift store. There’s one near my house, which makes it very convenient, but it’s also a non-profit that gives back to the community. I find the prices can be little bit more expensive than other thrift shops, but I know my money is going to a good place. Plus, they have a rewards program where you get money back overtime with each purchase.


Goodwills are everywhere (at least here in Minnesota). So the convenience of them is great. As for the stuff, it’s usually a hit or miss for me. Sometimes I leave empty handed or don’t see anything in the clothing department, but the biggest perk to Goodwills in Minnesota is that Target (it’s headquartered in Minneapolis) often donates their completely unused out of season items from clothing to housewares. So, sometimes I’ll score big with a brand new pair of sheets originally from Target! I’ve even found off season Hearth and Home pieces from Joanna Gaines Target collection before.

Empty The Nest

Empty The Nest is only in Golden Valley and it’s a real gem. The mission behind the company is helping people “empty the nest” when moving out or on from a home. There are some amazing furniture and housewares pieces there. I don’t see much for clothing there, but they have accessories. I don’t get here often, but always see amazing pieces when I do!


Savers is often the cheapest thrift store and the stores are usually huge so there’s a ton of things to thrift through. Making the thrill of the hunt a 10/10, but a little overwhelming. I’ve found some great furniture there. There used to be a Savers near me in Bloomington but it’s since closed so I don’t get to this one as often.

Nu Look

Nu Look is recent discovery for me. They’re not really a thrift store, but a consignment store. They have a really great collection of secondhand clothing, accessories and kids clothing. I’ve found some great pieces that have lived in my wardrobe for a long time.


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