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5 Tips for Decluttering Your Closet

Capsule Wardrobe | Decluttering closetI recently posted a new video on my YouTube channel sharing my process of clearing out my capsule wardrobe and wanted to share my tips for decluttering your closet! I do a mini-decluttering process between each capsule season and like to do one big clear out at the beginning of the new year. This gives me the opportunity to reflect on the previous year. I evaluate how my wardrobe served me that past year, what I’d like to let go of and what, if any, changes do I need to make in my wardrobe as a whole for the upcoming year.

Finding out I was pregnant halfway through 2017 altered my usual capsule wardrobe process as I wore what fit and added items as needed for my changing body. Into 2018 I will have a few more months of pregnancy and then transition back into my “normal” clothes. So accommodating my changing body will be a big focus for me in 2018, as well as finding clothes that are nursing friendly as I plan to breastfeed. Here are my tips for any (pregnant or not) on how to declutter their closet…

Decluttering your closet tips

1. Take Everything Out of Your Closet or Dresser

This is very important! Take every piece of clothing out of your closet or dress and lay them on your bed to go through them. Put your “yes” pile directly back into your closet so you can visually see your wardrobe build out, which will make it easier for you to decide on those “maybes” through the process. By taking everything out of your closet you have to pick up each piece to decide if it truly brings you joy and then, physically add it back into your closet. This is much more effective then trying to comb through your existing closet and just pull out the pieces you’d like to get rid of.

2. Make 4 Different Piles

Make 4 different piles: yes, no, maybe and needs attention piles. Your “yes” pile will simply go right back into your closet. Put your “no’s” into a bag or bin to donate or sell. Make a “maybe” pile near your closet to help you visualize if these items really have a place back in there. Then, make a “needs attention” pile, which will be any items that need alternations or fixes to be worn again. If you have dress you love, but keep forgetting to get it hemmed add it to your “needs attention” pile and address those items immediately before adding anything new to your wardrobe. I like to hang my “needs attention” items with the hangers backwards right in the beginning of my closet so it’s one of the first things I see when I open my closet.

Decluttering your closet tips

3. Set Yourself a Limited Timeframe

You don’t want to have clothes spread across your house for too long or you loose motivation and it can get overwhelming to declutter your closet. Decluttering your space, big or small, can give people burn out so try to finish your closet clear out in a day or weekend depending on the size of your wardrobe. Then, give yourself a time limit to sell any items (maybe a week or 2). Bring whatever you aren’t selling, but is a “no” bring it directly to your car or your local donation spot.

4. Organize Your Closet So You’re Able to See Everything

I find this incredibly helpful, especially in my dresser! I use the KonMari Method of folding where all my items (even socks!) are folded so they stand upright. Then, whenever I open my dresser drawer I can see everything in there at a glance. No digging down through piles or loosing items in a stacked mess. In my closet, I hang most of my clothes with the exception of sweaters, I like to fold them because it wears less on the collar and shoulders. I invested in a nice hanging closet organizer that doesn’t sag over time for my sweaters and it’s amazing!! Having a decluttered closet where you can see everything you own makes the process of getting ready so much easier and you’re able to see any gaps you might have in your wardrobe that you need to address.

5. Listen To Something Relaxing or Inspiring

I love to listen to simple classical music while I’m decluttering. It keeps my energy up and helps me stay focused. I also love listening to inspiring podcast episodes. Here are some of my current favorites: Oprah’s Super Soul episode The Soul of Money and 8 Rules to Happiness, and Good Life Project episode On Simplicity.


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  • Lisa
    February 1, 2018

    Palmolive Ultra removes most stains especially tomato or those from butter/oil.

  • Medworldis
    March 4, 2020

    Like so many people, I had a closet stuffed with clothes, but I never felt like I had anything to wear. I never felt like I had the pieces I needed to create outfits, so most days I’d just settle on a pair of jeans and simple shirt. That’s when it dawned on me that I could live with fewer items because I was already only wearing a select pieces in my closet.