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Daily & Deep Cleaning Routines + Printable Guide

This post is sponsored by LG. Product was provided at no charge.

I’d say 90% off the time my house is messy, but a good messy in my opinion. After all we live here and have a 16 month old. This phase of my life in-and-of-itself is messy. Toys scattered around, laundry piles that need to be folded, last nights dinner on the floor and dishes – lots and lots of dishes.

My type A, recovering perfectionist self has struggled with this new normal. When I get home from work, I have a hard time looking past the mess to just relax and enjoy those precious evening hours with Harriet.

I’m learning my house will never look like it did before baby on a regular basis and that’s okay. Life is messy and crazy and wonderful and too short to spend too much of it cleaning, but here are a few changes I’ve made to help my sanity and keep my house somewhat tidy. 

Cleaning Routine Guide Hung Up On Our Fridge

I made a printable cleaning routine guide for my daily tasks spread out over a weekly, so, I can quickly glance at it while in the kitchen to see if there’s just one small task I can do today. I keep my daily cleaning routine to a few simple things like quick 15-minute pickup, wipe counters, put away dirty dishes, make bed and put away clothes. These are just goals. If I get one task done I’m happy. If I get none, that’s okay too. I’m not striving for a perfectly clean house everyday, but maintaining it daily helps to reduce the time spent on the days where it needs more a deep clean.

Download my free printable cleaning routine guide here. 

Simplify My Cleaning Supplies & Tools

I don’t own many fancy cleaning supplies and keep my “tools” simple too. The best addition to my life has been a cordless vacuum! I have the LG A907 CordZero Stick Vacuum (Provided at no cost by LG. This post is sponsored by LG. I genuinely love it!) and it’s life changing. You know you’re old when vacuums get you all excited. But seriously, it’s great. LG’s vacuum is light-weight with an 80-minute battery life*, plus it’s super quiet, which means I can quick zip through my house after Harriet goes to bed. Mom win. Life win. *2 batteries, up to 40 min each, depending on usage, for combined run time of up to 80 minutes.

I also use just one all purpose cleaning solution that’s safe and effective to use all around my house from Harriet’s high chair to our bathroom. It’s from Branch Basics – click here to get $10 your order with my referral link. The big concentrate just lasts several months and I love what the company stands for

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Minimize My Belongs

I got into minimalism back in 2015 when we bought our first home. The act of moving from our rental to our first home was overwhelming. Our rental wasn’t huge and I didn’t realize how much extra crap I owned until I had to pack it all up and move. With my trusty copy of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo I completely decluttered our possessions to just what brought my joy and was necessary in my life.

Since, that initial decluttering my life has changed (i.e. baby!) so much stuff has need another assessment. I’ve let go of things that once brought my joy, but no longer do (or I not longer have time or desire to use/do). Reducing the amount of possessions I have in my home has help immensely to maintaining a calm, simplified home environment that is much easier to clean. Plus, we needed to make room for all of Harriet’s stuff somewhere!

Let Life Happen

This is a big one for me. I’m learning to let my house be messy and lived in. I’ve shifted my priorities from a clean house to a happy home filled with love, joy and lots of time with my daughter, because when she gets older she won’t remember how clean her house was growing, but how she spent her time with those close to her. 


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