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South Africa : Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope |

*Watch the video of our time at Cape of Good Hope at the bottom of this post!

After we meet the penguins at Boulders Beach, we continued our drive to the southern most tip of South Africa called the Cape of Good Hope. I’ve never seen anything like it! The roads are narrow and windy along the coast, every corner is more breathtaking than the last. We parked our car at the base of main lookout with the lighthouse at the top and made the brisk hike up the paved path. I’m pretty sure I stopped every twenty feet to turn around and snap a million photos because the 360 degree view of the ocean and coastline was ever changing. Once you arrive at the top where the lighthouse rest you find yourself making circles attempting to take it all in. It’s truly a never ending sea of blue hues where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans collide, absolutely stunning!

Here’s the route we drove, starting from Stellenbosch to Boulders Beach, stopping at Cape of Good Hope, then arriving in Cape Town just before sunset to check into our hotel for the next few days:
Our drive around South Africa : Cape Town, Stellenbousch, Boulders Beach, Cape of Good Hope
Cape of Good Hope | Cape of Good Hope | Cape of Good Hope | Cape of Good Hope | Cape of Good Hope |

The photo above is what I mean my miles and miles of blue! A photo just doesn’t capture how vast the view is from up there, just ocean and more ocean! Watch the video at the end of this post is really see how amazing this view is!

Cape of Good Hope | kittycotten.comCape of Good Hope |

We hopped back into our car and head to the second lookout point and nearly took out an ostrich! I’ve seen an ostrich at the zoo before, but that guy was huge! And a bit intimidating, let’s just say Erika and I were glad to inside the car! We waited for him to cross and then kept on our way.

Cape of Good Hope | kittycotten.comCape of Good Hope | kittycotten.comCape of Good Hope | kittycotten.comCape of Good Hope |

The second lookout point is much less of a hike up, but has an entirely different look of warm sandstone colors and deep, vivid ocean hues, and a strong salty mist breeze. Cape of Good Hope was one of mine and Erika’s favorite parts of our trip!

— We traveled to South Africa in October 2013 —
See our full trip!

(Handwriting in first image from Cape Town Love app)


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  • Samantha
    April 30, 2014

    Just watched all your South Africa videos! If I wasn’t already craving a new trip, I definitely am now! :)

    • Kitty
      > Samantha
      April 30, 2014

      South Africa is the most amazing place I’ve ever been to! A true must see!!

  • Briana
    May 3, 2014

    Kitty I love following your travels through your blog. The pictures are great. You are constantly reinforcing my love for travel. Thanks for sharing. Keep it coming!