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New York City Photo Diary

Fresh off our 7 a.m. flight in we boarded a ferry to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty to act like tourists! This was Joel’s first time in New York. I’d been to New York a few times, but my memories of city are several years old and a little hazy now, so it felt more like both our first times exploring the city. Joel and I strolled through Central Park, successfully navigated the subway, toured the NBC studios, saw a few Broadway shows in the evenings, ate an amazing Italian dinner, got tipsy on whiskey drinks at an Irish pub in Times Square, almost got run over by a few yellow taxis, wondered the shops in Chinatown and Joel ate his first New York style bagel. And I ate my very first cupcake from Magnolia’s bakery! Pistachio flavored and it was a-maz-ing! 

These may be my favorite two photos from our trip. Lack of sleep, too much walking and an over abundance of decision making made these mustaches pretty entertaining. Also, the beer in those cups could of contributed a few extra laughs.

You could never get bored in Times Square. The people watching alone could’ve entertained us for hours. I wish I could’ve tracked my walking through Times Square, my guess is it would’ve looked like a squiggly mess — a little right toward those sparkly lights, a little left toward the smell of that food, a sharp right and stop to gawk at the silver-painted man, and oops, turn around, let’s go into that shop! Now I understand my parent’s need for that rainbow-colored child leash for me as a kid.

The views from the top of the Empire State Building are truly breathtaking! We were lucky to have some of the best weather New York has to offer with clear blue skies everyday of our trip! Boarding the plane home was bittersweet, we’d both had an incredible time but neither of us couldn’t take another block of walking! Hands down, this trip to New York was the best vacation Joel and I have been on together!


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  • leyla
    October 8, 2012

    loved looking through your nyc diary. there’s no other place like it and i always love seeing it through other people’s lens.