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South Africa : Shark Cage Diving

shark cage diving South Africa

Not until recently have I learned I get really, really seasick. I was super nervous about the shark cage dive, not because of the shark, but I wasn’t entirely sure how I’d handle the sea. I’d only ever been really seasick one time before in Mexico about ten months before our trip to South Africa, but figured it was a result of a bit too much tequila the night before. Nope. It’s me. About 15 minutes into the ride out of the harbor I was feeling ruff, despite popping a few anit-nausea pills. I hunkered down outside on the bow and waited until our turn in the cage.

Erika and I were supposed to be the first two into the cage. Erika descended the latter in while I nearly lost my breakfast all over our guide. After I pulled myself together, I was the last one to enter the cage, which ended up being pretty awesome to be on the end! So that’s why it’s only me in the video below. To my surprise the shock of the chilly water felt wonderful and help the seasickness, but as soon, I mean literally, second on stepped back on the boat, I lost my breakfast, again. So that’s a warning that the last few seconds of the video are graphic (insert eek face emoji here). Despite the bout of intense seasickness, I’d absolutely recommend the experience and the company we used – Marine Dynamics Shark Tours – to everyone who’s visits! It’s a bit of drive, about 3 hours actually, from Cape Town and the dive starts early in the morning so we were on the road at 3 a.m.! The GPS we rented was a totally life saver, because it was pitch black and we drove some crazy high and windy mountain roads that made our ears pop and through some desolate areas.

On our way back to Cape Town, we stopped at the seaside town of Hermanus for a bite to eat, since I was finally feeling normal again. Hermanus is well known as a whale watching town, so we sat outside overlooking the ocean! We also stopped at a few random vineyards I can’t remember the names of now just off the road for a quick tasting. We were completely hooked on South African wine at this point! That day was such an amazing experience and is a whirlwind of a memory look back on now!

Shark Cage Diving Company:
Marine Dynamics Shark Tours
5 Geelbek Street, Kleinbaai, Gansbaai, South Africa
They have amazing reviews on Trip Advisor too! 

— We visited South Africa in October 2013 —
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