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10 Summer Date Ideas

Picnics are so relaxing and sweet.

I’m a really a sporty gal, but I love outdoor baseball games! It’s the perfect Saturday afternoon date on a warm, sunny summer day!

Or a lakeshore will do if you live here in the Midwest!

Play tourist in your own city one day! Visit a destination spot in your city or well-known attraction you’ve never seen before, or haven’t seen since you were a kid.

There’s nothing like a sunset cruise accompanied by some wine after a warm day in the sun.

Swap out a dinner date for Sunday brunch! Start your day together dining on a delicious breakfast and sipping a hot cup of coffee.

When the sun fades away, start up a campfire, maybe grab goodies for somores and cozy up together.

Minnesota state fair is our end of summer bash! So much to eat, drink and enjoy, especially the people watching.

So simple, yet so sweet. Ice cream dates are the perfect casual date idea, best followed with a little summer stroll.

Hop in your car and take your time driving down a scenic river route or through the countryside.


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