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On My Nightstand No.2

by Carlene Bauer
I read all my books on my kindle, but love to wander the isles of Barnes & Noble sipping on a latte searching for my next book, because I’m sucker for a pretty book cover and it’s the perfect Sunday afternoon activity. Frances & Bernard got me by it’s cover — the photo, the font and it’s color choices — I loved it all. I probably should’ve peaked inside and read a page or two, then I would’ve known it’s a series of letters exchanged through friends over a couple of years. Not my typical read and can be a bit confusing until you read the signature. Overall, this book was just okay, not one I’d recommend.

by Matthew Quick
I picked up this book in anticipation of the movie release. After reading the book, I never actually went to see the movie. The book was good, entertaining, but a little predictable, which is a characteristic of a book I always dislike. It had a few good twists and turns towards the end, but nothing spectacular where I’d have to recommend it to friend immediately after finishing it. Overall, it was good, yet average read in my opinion. 

by F. Scott Fitzgerald
An American classic and for good reason, it’s a great story! I did find it a little confusing in beginning with all the different characters, so I hopped onto the sparknotes to read a little recap of the first two chapters, which helped a ton! Now, one of these rainy afternoons I need to see the movie.

by Colleen Hoover
I’m not sure if it’s normal at 26 to really love young adult fiction, but I love it! It’s probably the hopeless romantic in me that can’t put them down. It’s started after college with the Twilight series, then a year ago with the Hunger Games and now, Hopeless. I flew through this book in a week, but I’ll warn you the beginnings a little slow. Then something happens and you can’t sleep until you finish it. I can’t tell you what obviously, so you have to read it! I already pre-ordered the second book in the series that doesn’t even get released until mid-summer!
P.S. I actually really dislike the coverwork of the book, but don’t judge it by its cover!  Hopeless is now one my favorite reads! 

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  • Samantha of Sipping Style
    May 28, 2013

    I’m a sucker for young adult fiction too. Next up is The Fault in Our Stars, but I definitely need to check out Hopeless too!