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Floral In The Window

Last week was a pretty stressful one! We’ve been planning to find a bigger apartment in our building at the end of our lease, so we scheduled a couple walk-throughs. One was a two bedroom, two-and-a-half bath townhouse with a huge patio. The second we walked in we were sold. Then, I entered the master bedroom and I couldn’t stop giggling with excitement over the ginormous wall of closet space! Don’t even get me started on the master bathroom! Let’s just say it was easily the size of our current bedroom!! Like a giddy school girl I mentally drew up some floor plans. We walked back to our current one bedroom apartment to crunch the numbers. I knew it would be a jump up in our currently living expenses, but I kept thinking, ‘We’ll just not go out to eat as often’ or ‘I’ll cut back on my shoe hoarding’. A pile of pro-and-con lists later, we passed on the amazing downtown townhouse. My best friend summed it up perfectly, “Tightness in money is more stressful than a crowded area.” She couldn’t be more right!


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  • Nnenna
    August 9, 2012

    Definitely a tough decision to make! My roommmate and I are planning to change apartments soon too, so we’ll have to learn to manage our expectations as well.