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My Favorite Places to Shop for Art Prints

I’d love to fill my entire house with real vintage artwork I source from antique and thrift stores and my travels, but that takes time and in 2020 with Covid it wasn’t much of an option. Here are a few good print shops that curate beautiful vintage artwork and photography so you can get to filling your walls with pretty works of art. My favorite tip is to mix together thrifted gold frames with the diy Rub-n-Buff treatment, thrifted wood frames and thrifted frames painted black and it looks like you spent years curating your art collection!

Juniper Print Shop

The picture above the nightstand above is from Juniper Print Shop. They a great selection of different styles of artwork that all speak to each other. You could print all of their artwork and hang it throughout your home and it would feel cohesive without feeling too matchy-matchy. Their prints art all pre-cropped to various sizes and even fit Ikea frames. You can buy both physical and digital prints. They have a mix of artwork and photography which is great for variety with gallery walls.

North and Finch Print Shop

I love pretty much every print in their shop and have my eye on a few to add to our home. They have really nice vintage oil portraits, which I totally love. They also have some prints that would look cute in a baby or kids room without looking like typical kids room artwork.

Museum Quality Artwork 

They have some of the best cheap prints. Often you’ll find a few digital prints for $5 to $10 that you print yourself. I’ve done this with great success at my local Fedex print shop. You can even print large scale and it turns out great!

BFF Print Shop

I love their curated collections. Takes all the guess work out of what prints would look good together in a gallery wall. Love that they have a mix of photography and vintage art prints.


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