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Bedroom: New DIY tufted headborad

Our bedroom is bare bones at the moment. What you see in the photo above is all that’s there, but I’m really enjoying a minimalist bedroom. It helps to relax my mind before bed, instead of running with ideas on how to reorganize, like our last place, which was very much on the small side! I kinda want new side table lamps and shades. I really LOVE this base with this lamp shade. Is it a little too much gold? Is there such a thing as gold-a-holics anonymous? Cause I’m might need to admit I have a problem in a comfortable group setting with fellow gold/brass decor obsessed. Back to more pressing matters, like trying to figure out how to mount the antlers I brought home from my recent trip to South Africa to hang above our headboard. Speaking of headboard! I made that tufted navy beauty you see right there. I was kinda nervous it was going to turn into a weird bunchy mess, but it actually turned out pretty sweet if I say so myself!


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