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Be Fearlessly Authentic

Be Fearlessly Authentic


Everyday we tell ourselves a story. A story of who we are and what we’re capable of. But so often that story is filled with self-doubt and fear.

I’ve struggled with perfectionism my whole life. Scared to let people see my true self. Scared to be vulnerable. For years, I valued approval more then my own authenticity.

It wasn’t until I decided to change the story I was telling myself, that I felt free from the illusion of perfectionism.

It isn’t easy to practice self love and share your true selves in a world that is constantly trying to make us a copy of someone else. We live in a world where you can compare yourself to anyone at the click of a button. But trust me, comparison is the theft of joy. It takes deep courage and strength to be genuine. To be ourselves. Everyday. Without regrets.

Authenticity isn’t a destination – it’s a conscious choice and daily practice. It’s a journey to self acceptance. Only when we let go of the expectations of others can we embrace who we really are. Because a truly fulfilling life comes from being your authentic self.

This necklace is my daily reminder to practice. To be fearlessly authentic.




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  • Hayley
    January 6, 2018

    Hi Kitty! I love this necklace and have been wanting to get one myself. I love the length of yours — do you happen to know how many inches long it is? Looks like 18, maybe? Thanks!

    • Kitty
      > Hayley
      January 7, 2018

      Hi Haley! The one I’m wearing is 18 inches. So glad you love this necklace too!

      • Hayley
        > Kitty
        January 8, 2018

        Thank you so much! :)