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Video: 27 Things I Learned At 27

Cue the cheesy birthday music, because today is my 28th birthday! In honor of inching a bit closer the big three-o I thought I’d make a short little video yesterday entitled “27 Things I Learned At 27.” Here’s the written version…

  1. Always where a minimum of SPF 15.
  2. Opt to take the stairs.
  3. Know the news because what’s happening in the world is important.
  4. Buy less. Buy better.
  5. Looking for the closes parking spot is a total waste of time. Just park and walk.
  6. Embrace your limitations, they are often what makes you unique and interesting.
  7. Keep your finances organized.
  8. Invest in your retirement.
  9. Try something new as often as you can.
  10. Be generous with your time, your talents and your money. It’s incredibly rewarding to give back.
  11. A really good high quality pair of bedsheets if totally worth the money.
  12. Genuinely compliment people, because it could be the one thing that makes their day better and you’ll feel better too.
  13. Find a pair of jeans that fits you really well and buy multiple pairs in every wash.
  14. Be a better listeners and you’ll be a better friend.
  15. Despite what your brain is telling you when you wake up, you can in fact make it a whole day without coffee.
  16. There is no checklist to adulthood. Ignore those questions about what you’re doing next from your well intended family and friends, and just enjoy what’s happening right now.
  17. Be present and don’t make assumptions.
  18. Stop over sleeping.
  19. Do more things in your life at 100% instead of multi-tasking.
  20. Trust your gut. It’s always right.
  21. Floss your teeth daily.
  22. Re-watch The Office tv show. I swear it’s better the second time around.
  23. Do more things solo like go to a movie or get dinner or travel somewhere.
  24. Daydreaming and having goals are good, but doing is better.
  25. Just book that flight and go somewhere amazing. If you really truly want to travel you’ll figure it out.
  26. If you don’t think you’re a runner or you don’t like it, give it another shot, but this time buy a nice pair of running shoes. Turns out I actually like running now.
  27. Stop comparing yourself to other people’s online lives. No ones life is what it looks like online, mine included.

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