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Fancy This [1]

At some point I will own the gold version of every basic household item. Cause that’s just what I do. These scissors are a nice start.

My biggest dilemia when buying sweets is the choice between something chocolately or something fruity. I know, a reallllly complicated question facing many sweettooth’s across the nation. So, any thing that puts the two together I love and saves me 15 minutes debating in my head pacing in the supermarket.

This J.Crew necklace has been on my bucklist, you the kind of bucket list you secretly keep in your head of all the no-so-practical things you’d buy if you had piles of money just laying around, or my case saved up christmas money and gift card. I really love her and she loves me.


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The Comments

  • anni
    April 1, 2013

    Just found your instagram via Chelsea Lane and am so happy I did! Love MN bloggers :)

  • Amy Saycich
    April 3, 2013

    I LOVE the gold scissors… I had to buy them for myself as a Christmas gift one year and I think they are one of hte happiest things I have purchased. Plus they work great!!