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Clockwise from the top-left…

No. 1 — Color blocking in the J. Crew dressing room.
No. 2 — Kelly green loafers from Joel that I’m obsessed with.
No. 3 — Mums from the farmers market (I hope I can keep them alive).
No. 4 — I should’ve bought that navy blouse from J. Crew. I hate when that happens…
No. 5 — Trying out different coffee table layouts, still seeking the perfect one.
No. 6 — Statement necklace from Lori’s Shoes I can’t wait to wear!
No. 7 — Joel and I couldn’t resist this metallic skull candle Halloween shopping! Eventually, it burns down far enough and bleeds out his eyes — a little freaky, but sweet.
No. 8 — My Sperry and I on a stroll.
No. 9 — My favorite little vintage owl that hides among my perfume collection.
No. 10 — Loving white accessories!

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  • blue roses
    November 4, 2011

    i love your owl, he is adorable. i have some elephants, fawns, swans, a turtle, and cephalopods in my animal decoration collection, and want to add an owl so badly!

    i need to work on my coffee table too, too many large beautiful books and i am at a loss for how to best arrange them.

  • Anonymous
    November 6, 2011

    Hi! I love your blog! I was just wondering if you could do a post on how to stay cute during the winter? I live in Mpls too, and I always find myself choosing between looking cute and staying warm! I know it only the begin of Nov. but I want to get ready! Take care! xo

    (Sorry for posting this here, I didn’t know where the appropriate to ask was! :( )

  • youngbrokefabulous
    November 17, 2011

    I really want me a pair of sperrys, so cute. xx