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round shades.

vintage J.Crew cardigan // forever21 shirt & jeans // vintage shoes // Target sunglasses
I am new to this bloggin thing. When i take my photos and post them to my little blog i sort of forget someone might actually see them or read my little blerps about my life.

When i run into friends and they say “saw your blog the other day. it’s really nice,” i am completely taken off guard. I have to remind myself to say thank you, because i get a weird nervous feeling in my stomach.

I guess i forget that people i know can see it just as well as the ones i don’t know. It’s funny though, i am comforted by the thought that anyone reads my blog, but insecure when i’m actually friends with them in person.

Thanks for the visit :)


p.s. The other day my boyfriend and i went out to eat to have a little mini celebration (i will let you all in on the exciting news very soon!). I was perplex with what to order, then i saw this on the menu. Mango, avocado, olive oil & cheese – yes please! I was sold. It was absolutely delicious! If you live here in MN eat this next time you stop at The View restaurant. yum yum

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  • Jessica
    June 10, 2010

    Love your sunnies! Never would have guessed they were from Target.

    P.S. – My sister showed me one of your thrifting vids on youtube this weekend and I must say that I love your taste and sweet personality. :)