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grand old day.

New York & Co. shorts & top // NYC bracelet // vintage flats // vintage bag

This last weekend was grand old day in st. paul – the twin to minneapolis. It was a wonderful day filled with a ton of sunshine, a dash of rain and a bunch of yummy food! The festivities start at one end of grand avenue and ends at the other.I truly enjoy being immersed in a sea of people. There is nothing better to me on a hot summer sunday then to feast on street vendor food and people watch.
I’m not the best person to walk behind in these kind of situations, because i am constantly distracted, veering left, swaying right. If i traced my path i’m sure it would look something like a big swiggley ball of twine.

I really wanted to take pictures of my street style inspiration, but just couldn’t get up the nerve to start snapping pics of random people walking by me. I would have felt sort of like a stalker or creep. So i just strolled and observed.

The outfit i’m wearing is nothing fancy, just a classic navy short, flowy blouse and flats that absolutely killed my feet by the end of the day! I had to finally give in and take them off for the hike home. My poor feet were just dying.

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The Comments

  • Haiku Ambulance
    June 7, 2010

    Dear god this is wonderful. That bracelet is the absolute perfect touch.
    I’m in love with your sense of color and you better believe you’re the latest addition to my blogroll.

  • Kate
    June 8, 2010

    Wow, I love so many things about this outfit! the top! the shorts! the braclet! It’s all gorgeous, and all goes together so well!

  • Kitty Cotten
    June 8, 2010

    Thank you girls for the sweet comments! Haiku, thanks for adding my to your blogroll! I have been a fan of your since i stumbled on your look at