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Sunglasses & Beach Hat Pairings (Under $70)

Cheap Sunglasses and Beach Hats

Hat ($58)
Sunglasses ($10)

Hat ($25.50)
Sunglasses ($16)

Hat ($49.50)
Sunglasses ($10)

Hat ($15)
Sunglasses ($40)

I’m 50 shades of pale, so a hat is one of my beach necessities (and lots of sunscreen of course). Plus, I think a hat is the perfect way to add a bit more style to the basic bikini. Top that off with a funky pair of sunnies and a margarita on the rocks and I’ll never leave that sandy beach.

For me, cheap sunglasses are the way to go on a tropical vacation, that way if you have a few too many cervezas and loose track of them you’re only out a few bucks. I bought those two pairs I noted above from amazon and was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been lusting over these pricey Karen Walker Harvest shades for awhile, then I stumbled on that top pair of sunglasses with a similar vibe for dirt cheap and I was all – buy now with one-click. High five.


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