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My 9 Favorite YouTube Channels

Hi, my name is Kitty Cotten and I’m a youtube junkie. I don’t watch a ton of tv, but I can get lost in the world of youtube for more hours then I’m willing to admit here. Here are my 9 favorite youtube channels that I pretty much religiously watch (click the photos below to visit each channel). There’s a some super talented beauty mavens, amazing short filmmakers, British accents (they’re just so soothing. well, that sounds creepy.) and just some all around weird/funny/entertaining personalities out there in the world who let the internet into their lives, and I love it. Are you a youtube junkie like me? Who do you subscribe to? I seriously love finding a new youtube channel! So, spill it. Shameless quick self promotion: You can subscribe to my channel @kittycotten right there.


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  • Corynn
    October 21, 2014

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m subscribed to a lot of those people on your list. I’ve never heard of Casey Neistat before, so I looked him up and his videos are so interesting! Definitely just spent a little too much time on his channel. :)