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August 8th, 2014

I’m thrilled to announce Joel and I are engaged! Joel popped the question after our picnic on Lake Harriet near our house. It was incredibly sweet! Earlier in the week I mentioned to Joel that he should take me on a romantic date, because with busy weeks packed full of summer festivities, it’s nice to spend a few hours relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. And, we hadn’t been on a “real” date in awhile. So when I came home after work on Friday I was expecting something romantic, but had ABSOLUTELY no clue he planned on proposing. We walked from our house to now what I’ll be calling “our spot” on Lake Harriet near the bandshell. I complained half the walk that we should’ve drove like he suggested, because I chose style over comfort for shoes. Typical me. We fed the ducks, sipped on a few Belgium beers Joel brought for us to try since we’re headed there later this month and ate delicious vegetarian wraps. I dropped the chocolates he got us for dessert in his beer. Whoops! Don’t worry, I ate them anyways. I snapped a bunch of photos and tried to give him lessons on using my camera before our trip. Then, like that, he was on one knee, ring box in hand, and asked “Will you marry me?” And as the photo above implies, I ecstatically said YES!

This pass week went by in a blur of congratulations and lots of time spent with all our loved ones. I’m excited for this next adventure, even if this whole wedding planning thing totally overwhelms me! I still kinda can’t believe we’re actually engaged! Now I have a fiancé. So official. I love it.


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