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5 time saving photoshop tips for bloggers

5 time saving photoshop tips for bloggers |


I learned this tip at BLOGSHOP last year (along with so much more! I’d highly recommend the class!). I hadn’t thought about making templates for posts before, but this completely changed how I blog! I created templates for my most frequently posted topics / series on my blog, like my Lately posts and step-by-step tutorials. It will drastically cut down on the time it takes to create a post!

Time saving tip for photoshop: create blog post templates


Bridge comes with most Photoshop versions. It’s a simple software to use, and makes the perfect place to sift through all the photos you’ve taken for a certain post to select the ones you like the best. I do this by starring each photo I think might work using (COMMAND + 1). Then I look through all the photos given 1 star and give the very bests shots a 2 star rating (COMMAND + 2). Then I open the 2-star photos in Photoshop to begin editing for the post. Once, I’ve finished the post, I will sort the photos again in Bridge by “not rated” and trash those photos. This way I keep my folders neat, decluttered and organized.

Time saving tip for photoshop: use bridge to sort through and edit photos


I LOVE ACTIONS! With a simple click of the button, a photo is magically transformed! I have 4 sets of actions within my Photoshop currently and they make editing the coloring and feel of a photo soooo much easier and quicker!
BLOGSHOP (Part of taking the class)
Simon Filip Actions : AfterLight (FREE)
Summer Breeze by K. Miller Actions ($25)
A Beautiful Mess : The Mini Collection Actions ($10)

Time saving tip for photoshop: use actions


These are the shortcuts I use most on my mac for photoshop and help me save so much time versus looking through the menus!
Time saving PHOTOSHOP shortcuts


It took me a bit of time to get used to using a pen and tablet to work on my computer, but now I’d never go back! I’m just so much faster at editing with it. I’d highly suggest giving it a try! I use the older version of this Intuos Pen ($79).

5 time saving photoshop tips for bloggers |

I hope these tips help you create content quicker in Photoshop, which means you’ll be able to update your blog more frequently and waste less time in the editing process!


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  • Candy
    May 19, 2014

    When it comes to know about photoshop, there are so many factors to be considered in order to get the lessons one need to know.I was never good with color grading and all photo editing work. I just wanted to say that I have checked these photoshop tricks and found these very useful for beginners and intermediate users. I am also taking help from This website provides great photoshop tutorials and also much more designing tutorials that are handy for editing or designing work