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Washi Tape Artwork Ideas

WASHI-TAPEI love washi tape! Yesterday, moseying through office supplies at Target I found some! At only $4 for a set of four makes it even better. I will admit the colors and patterns are pretty basic from Target. There are also some really adorable patterns of washi tape on Etsy too! I love this gold set on Etsy!

instagram washi tape artINSTAGRAM
I printed a photo from my instagram on a 5×7 sheet. Trimmed the edges and taped the photo onto glossy white tagboard, then popped it into a frame! Ta-da! Super easy and it looks adorable!

concert tickets washi tape artTICKETS
I love keeping little moments in life like concert tickets, but I’m not really the scrapbook type. My solution, tape all my concert tickets into a frame, leaving room for more! It’s a great conversation started and reminder of some really fun times! This can work with any type of tickets: flights, plays, games, etc.

gallery print washi tape artGALLERY PRINTS
A simple 8×10 print washi taped onto a piece of glossy tagboard in an 18×24 frame makes for simple, yet wonderful gallery artwork. The large amount of white space keeps your wall art looking fresh, refined and classy — all good things in my book!

Tip: In college I took a photography class and we had to matte our photos into boards. The teacher always suggested matting your images slightly above center. I can’t remember the reasoning behind it, but it really does look nice. Also, I would suggest a frame that creates at least a 3-inch white boarder around your picture.


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  • leyla.
    April 28, 2012

    i love these little diy ideas. i tend to collect concert tickets as well and framing is a great way to keepsake them. thanks for sharing!

  • Natasha Fatah
    April 28, 2012

    Yeah, I remember getting that matting lesson in art class as well. It just works. :)

    ~Natasha Fatah~