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Bundled Up

fall outfitWEARING
Vintage jacket // J.Crew sweater // Lauren Conrad blouse // J.Crew slacks // Madewll flats // Parc Boutique baseball cap // H&M scarf

Man is it turning into winter quick around here. Joel and I spent Sunday afternoon driving up and down the side streets of the uptown and south Minneapolis looking for a new place to live. I know, I know, the internet is much easier and a whole lot warmer, but we wanted to see the different neighborhoods, scope out the places to grab dinner or a new place I can obsess about their pastries. Cause I’m really going to miss this place every Sunday morning. So pretty much I need a new home for two, plus cat, with vintage charm, amazing danishes and espresso within walking distance and killer thai take-out nearby. Not to mention loads and loads of closet space and a perfectly warmed garage, all within our budget. Totally do-able, right? Right?


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