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Little Life Update

kitty cotten outfit
Hello! Life is at that crazy summertime haze of over booked weekends, nights on the patio sipping a few refreshing cocktails, trying to convince myself heated yoga is a great idea after work, and, of course, trips up north to cabin country! That of course makes a bit more sense if you live in the Midwest, because we love our long drives up the highway for some R&R on the lake! I love summer and all the horrible things humidity does to my bangs and my inability to tan, okay, so I’m kidding about those things, but isn’t summertime the best! Joel and I have added another exciting thing to our schedules, house hunting! Turns out finding that perfect house is not as glamourous and easy as I’d been daydreaming it would be. I guess it just makes you appreciate ‘that house’ so much more when you stumble upon it. Right? Well, I hope so, cause at the moment this whole process is a bit on the madness side of things.

My next couple of posts around here will be lots of summertime fun stuff… like my new beauty regime to finally combat my super oily skin, a few of my favorite dessert recipes, a very exciting event with Madewell (keep your eyes posted right here to know what that’s all about very soon!), a new cocktail I’m obsessed with, and lots of other fun tips to make your summer just a bit better!

all things gold jcrew fossil jewelry
Top: Fossil watch, Express rings, J.Crew anchor ring, J.Crew bracelet
Bottom: J.Crew bracelet, Fossil bracelet, Fossil watchon my wrist jcrew fossil jewelry

Another addition to my summer is a newly found obsession with Fossil. I have to give the credit to my little sister here, since she’s been a loyal Fossil lover for years! It seems I can’t restrain myself in that store, I’m especially in love with all their menswear goods (psst! they are having a sale right now too!). That passport wallet below is for my upcoming trip to South Africa this fall! So excited meets super nervous to fly for nearly 24 hours oneway!! That’s what those little bottles of booze are for, right?!

fossil passport wallet


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The Comments

  • Nnenna
    July 8, 2013

    Summertime really is the best- I’m always a little sad when summer is over. Also, that’s so exciting that you’re going to South Africa! I’ve never been before, but I would love to go.

  • Jennifer
    July 10, 2013

    South Africa?! That sounds amazing, what are you going for? Fun? :)