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The Daily Stuff

rose gold flatwareI’m not sure what got into me this year, but I have this desire to jazz up the things I see on a daily basis. It all started with a locket charm I bought at anthropologie and added to my keychain. Instead of splurging on a new pair of heels, the usually place I spend my extra dollars, I’ve been updating those pieces in my life that I see every-single-day! I ditched my old $5 yellow coin purse posing as my wallet and replaced it will an early birthday present from my mom. My desk was next, adding a fresh white magnetic board, a place to file letters instead of stacking them on my desk, and framing a few pieces I want/need to see everyday. Then, today I spotted a set of rose gold flatware and thought to myself, ‘It’s about time to upgrade from those ikea threeks.’ Also, known as forks, but ikea forks only have three prongs so we call them threeks.


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