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Christmas in Mexico

Our Christmas looked a lot different this year! Instead of freezing cold, falling snow and evergreen trees covered in lights, we spent it on the warm, sandy beaches of Mexico! The weather stayed in the high eighties everyday but one. We dined on mexican for our Christmas dinner, took too many shots of tequila, and had dessert served in toy trains!

The customary beach jumping photos with Joel, me, Kimberly, my sister, and John, her boyfriend. Duck face and all.

I’ve never been parasailing before. It turned out to be one of my favorite parts of our trip. Floating above the ocean is remarkably peaceful and relaxing. You could see for days and it was so quite up there. I could’ve stayed up there for hours if only those harnesses were a little more comfortable.

Another new experience, being seasick. I learned the hard way that a night of tequila and a morning boat ride across the ocean to Cozumel don’t mix well.

Aren’t they the cutest?! I really love this photo.

Our unintentionally Notebook moment in the waves. Adorable, corny and I’m going to frame it. Starting off my new years goals right!

Halfway through our vacation, we signed up for this amazing excursion at Xplor just a few minutes from our resort. It was pretty spectacular even if we had to wear those dorky helmets the entire time. We rafted through a tunnel of caves, flew across 14 zip lines and Joel drove us on a thrilling ride through the jungle. All and all it was a pretty amazing way to spend the holidays.