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Black Friday

pink presents

For being a gal who can often be spotted at the mall, I only had my first black friday experience last year. Joel and I had just moved into our new apartment is downtown St Paul and were missing a lot of grown-up things like pots and pans, dishes, actually, pretty much everything that would fill a kitchen. In our pajamas, we walked through the skyway and waited at the entrance of Macy’s. I was expecting there to be a huge line fill with anxious door-busting shoppers, but it was just us. Pretty awesome, right?! A nice gentleman opened the doors to the store sharply at midnight and we casually made our way to the kitchen department seeking a good deal on our top of the list grown-up items, which included a wonderful set of pots and pans, luxurious set of sheets and a magic bullet – my impulse black friday purchase.

Wishlist 1: pajamas 2: heart bottle stopper 3: gold polka dot dishes 4: gold flatware 5: sheets 6: boots

This year I have my eyes on a few things, like another pair of sheet! Oh, and those amazing Kate Spade dishes and gold flatware. We really need to up our game on untinsels, because we are currently eating off threeks, as my friend likes to call them since there are only three prongs on each fork, from Ikea. Here are a few black friday tips I learned:

Be there early. After about an hour in Macy’s people started flooding in, but by then we were paying for our goods.

Find the road less traveled. The downtown Macy’s is usually pretty quite, because it’s a little out of the way from the big malls and it’s the only shopping option downtown. What we lacked in store variety was made up in the mellow crowd and great deals!

Scope out the deals before hand. We had looked up online and in the newspaper before hitting the store at midnight, which made our decision process so much easier since we had looked up reviews of the pots and pans we were planning on purchasing and knew they were a good deal.

Make it special. This year before we go, I want to make a fun cocktail or maybe some killer hot chocolate with espresso. It will make staying awake after of feasting a lot easier!

Shop online. If you aren’t too keen on the idea of pulling an all-nighter, visit your favorite store’s website to browse their black friday deals and simply order them online. Peek at all the black friday deals by Macy’s and take advantage of their free shipping offer! This way you get all the benefits of black friday without leaving the coziness of your home!

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