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Step 2 // Identify Wardrobe Basics
Now, that your wardrobe has been cleansed in Step 1! Step 2 is all about assessing your style foundations and finding where your areas of wardrobe opportunities are. Start by identifying the basics or foundation of your wardrobe. These items are the core of your signature style, everything else in your wardrobe is there to enhance your personal fashion sense. Using the list below as a guide, check off the items you have, what’s not crossed off your list are your first priority purchases once your shopping freeze has commenced of course. This list may seem a little strange to create ‘future purchases list’ during your shopping diet and a little cruel, but it will help you build a quality wardrobe and will make you a smarter, strategic shopper versus impulse, that’s-cute shopper! Keep this list in your purse, wallet or phone for reference later. Here’s my list of wardrobe basics every girl should own:

——————————- Wardrobe Basics ——————————-

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