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JC-Pixie-leopard-wedges2JC-Pixie-leopard-wedges6JC-Pixie-leopard-wedges5I’ve been living in denial about my shoe collection so time now, but especially since I moved into our one bedroom apartment. I hadn’t realized it’s size until I had to line them all up under our bedroom window and it went wall-to-wall, two rows deep! I was curious, so I measured the length — it turns out I have about 24 feet of shoes! This figure doesn’t even include my flats — oh geez, I really do have a problem. Is there really such a thing as Shoeaholics Anonymous? Maybe its a subgroup of Shopaholics Anonymous, maybe. I have just rambled a confession of shoe compulsion, and you’re probably thinking, “Okay, where is this all going?” Well, the title helps more than my intro — I’m selling a pair of shoes. To be specific, my Jeffrey Campbell leopard fur Pixie wedges in a size 6. I need to trim down my shoe collection, even if it’s only one shoe. Baby steps. Although, I love this wedge dearly, its barely been worn in the last many of months. Sometimes I will get weird looks from fellow diners at resturants when they look over at me A: I have on a pair of oversized furry leopard wedges and B: I have a tendency to pet them. Really weird, I know, but true. They are just so soft, kind of my favorite part about them. That, and the zippers up the back. Okay, before I regret my decision I’m selling them here. I know they will be enjoyed by a fellow JC size 6 shoe-lover like me!

p.s. This might be the longest text post I’ve ever done on my blog and it’s about a pair of shoes. I seriously get too emotionally attached to my wardrobe. Baby steps…


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