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kittycotten-bike1kittycotten-bike2kittycotten-bike4kittycotten-bike3Last Thursday, Kimberly — my little sister — and i biked from my apartment to Uptown to enjoy some happy hour festivities. I persuaded her into taking photos of me doing circles in the Wells Fargo parking lot. Excuse that horrible bruise on my knee. I wish i had a good story to backup where it came from, but i’ve got nothin’. kittycotten-bike5The night commenced with two humongous ice cream waffle cones, which were amazing & hard to squeeze in next to a couple of pints of Blue Moon, but so worth it… Tonight i’m rocking a nice pink glow. Why did i think SPF 10 would be enough?? Haven’t i learned my lesson yet? Summers just too enjoyable, i guess, which i don’t think is an excuse for my sunburn, but just go with me on this one…


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  • daer0n
    June 5, 2011

    I love your shoes and the denim shirt. The shoes are awesome, and so is the dress? that you are wearing.

    I envy your sister holding both those ice cream cones, they look so delicious, the perfect treat for summer!

  • Iheart10
    June 5, 2011

    great sunglasses! please tell me the brand or where can I find them. xx

  • blue roses
    June 6, 2011

    yummy yummy yummy, delicious waffle cones!