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Titian and the Golden Age

About a week ago i attended Minneapolis Institute of Art’s Titian and the Golden Age of Venetian Paintings exhibit. My jaw dropped when we i saw the long elegant hallway hosting the masquerade. It’s amazing how lighting can completely transform a space. One addition the MIA might consider is an ATM. A cash only bar makes it difficult for us non-cash carrying girls to sip on some bubbly. No hard feelings & lesson learn: stop at wells fargo before attending MIA events.

It’s hard to see what i was wearing, but i had on a long black velvet maxi, silky leopard top, vintage leather jacket & classic black pumps.

My favorite piece was the famous ‘Venus Rising from the Sea.’ I think it’s because i loved the simple romantic feel of it. I’m not an art critic so don’t worry, I won’t be going into detail about the feelings and philosophy behind each painting, just that i really loved the exhibit. I would seriously encourage any of you minnesota residents to go see the exhibit. Further encouragement, it’s only $8 to attend.
Also, i would recommend getting one of those guided tour headsets. They weren’t available at the masquerade, but erika & i lucked out by staying within ears-length of a woman who worked the museum, who was explaining the paintings to her friends. I love the history behind art. To me, it is what really ‘makes’ the piece.

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