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I love the holidays, but who doesn’t? Over stuffing yourself on yummy food, christmas decorating, holiday light tours, apple cider, holiday desserts are the best & giving gifts to your loved ones. I’m notorious for buy gifts and giving it to the person before christmas, because i’m too excited that i found the perfect gift. I take gift giving a little too serious, because i need to find that just right gift for each person. In short – i’m a perfectionist. Here are some of my gift giving ideas this holiday season…enjoy :)

1. LOMO CAMERA // ($65) i have been dying to own one of these, but i just never seem to pull the trigger & buy one. i think it would be a perfect present (wink, wink family & joel). This one is from Urban Outfitters.
2. VINTAGE WALLPAPER JOURNAL // ($13) aren’t these adorable?! I think every girl show write down her thoughts, life, ideas & what ever else pops into her mind. Then in 20 years you can look back & giggle at everything you wrote.
3. RACOON COIN PURSE // ($28.84) i am always that girl at the register digging around the bottom of my purse looking for exactly 23 cents. This holiday season i think that needs to change…pun intended :)
4. GPV GIFT VOUCHER // ($20, $50, $100) do you have a vintage loving girl friend that has everything, well a GPV gift voucher would be the perfect present for her!
5. MACAROONS // ($23) remember this post? Well i am now obsessed with these babies & am planning on making batches for every special occasion! They are so tasty. Next, i want to make dark chocolate cookies with raspberry filling…yum yum yum yum :) If you don’t feel like whipping up a batch of macaroons you can buy some french macaroons right here.
6. AMAZING GRACE PERFUME // ($40) this is my favorite perfume. It is soft & fresh & perfect for every occasion. Every girl should be carrying this around in her bag!
7. NYLON STREET VIEW BY NYLON // ($24.95) this book is something i want very badly to add to my book collection. I have been wanting more books filled with inspirational photos, but when i went to Barnes & Noble all the ‘fashion’ books were around $70! Nylon’s book is much more modestly priced &, well, it’s Nylon so you know it’s going to be good.
8. NAIL WRAPS // ($14) they come in a bunch of different colors & patterns & make a great little stocking stuffer.
9. SEAGLASS RING // ($8.50) i stumble upon this seaglass ring on etsy & fell in love! The color is perfect & i love that it is seaglass. And it’s under $10!

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  • katie d.
    November 30, 2010

    I put that same camera in my gift guide–and like you, I’ve never pulled the trigger and bought one (but I want to).