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I don’t usually do posts like this, but i have been so inspired lately with fur. I don’t own an real fur items myself. It would just break my heart. The other day i was sourcing for the store and came across a couple of real fur collars with the little heads and feet on them. I was mortified. I wanted to buy them just to give them a home, but then that seemed even creepier… If i were to own fur one day it would have to be vintage (never new!) & without eyeballs.

I am desperately searching for a big russian furry hat (real or faux)! I absolutely adore them. But it can wait until chiller weather, which i hope is not in the near future! This will give me ample time to find my perfect winter accessory.
All the new stock will be in the store this sunday evening around 6 pm the listing will start. I am scurrying right now to finish all the details, photos & editing before the end of the weekend! The last two weekends i have been over indulging in the hot, humid minnesota summer before the dread ice cold winter returns. It seems the warm weather is good for my social life, but bad for the store. Okay, now back to work… i think it will be a very late night.
p.s. Have you noticed the little heart next to all my photos??
“What is it? It’s your new way to save your favorite blog pictures! You may usually save your favorite outfits from the blogs you visit on your computer. But what if you’re at a friend’s and want to show him or her? You don’t necessarily remember where the pics came from … So I bet you’ll like our new tool! If you click on the pink heart you’ll see at the bottom left corner of a photo, it’ll directly send it to your HYPEED inspiration page. That way, anywhere you are, the pic wil be easily found and traced back to its original source!”

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