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mary roks.

Jeffrey Campbell Mark Roks wedges // vintage hat // vintage watch // New York & Co. shirt dress
Last night i went to a twins baseball game. I wouldn’t really consider myself a sports fan, i just go to drink, socialize and have a good ol’ time. I was lucky enough to win the tickets at a radio even last thursday and i knew just the person i would bring with me to game: erika/bff/housemate/everything. We really always have way too much fun together – which i’m sure to people who don’t know us looks a little more like two ridiculous girls.
I think we were trying to re-live our college thirsty thursday memories, which turned into a very-hung-over-friday. Completely worth it though. We made random friends with fellow twins fans, met some guy who won the world series in 1987 with the twins, and threw out one-liners like a chris rock comedy hour. Our (me & erika’s) sense of humor is a hint of crewed and a dash of obscene. I think people only laugh because what comes out of our blunt mouths doesn’t match our petite 5-foot tall frames.
Waking up this morning – more like afternoon – was a terrible thing, but i forced myself out of bed. I threw on this soft tie-dye shirt dress, straw hat, and to-die-for Jeffrey Campbell wedges! These puppies just arrive this week and i just couldn’t wait to strap them onto my feet! I have been anxiously awaiting their arrive for what seemed like years. No worries now because they are safely in my possession. Have a lovely weekend, i need to go rehydrate now – bye :)
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