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tie-dye socks.

american eagle vest // forever21 sweater dress // target tie dye socks // charlotte russe platforms


This is my favorite spot in my little city apartment. I love this 70’s love seat. Not only is it the perfect size for the deck, but it just makes me smile every time i see it. The msp airport is only 10 minutes from my house, so many days after work i will grab my book of choice, a glass of wine and watch the planes fly in.

My dad was pilot for many year before i was born so naturally i grew up visiting many, many, many air shows – the best were always the thunderbirds. Even though i have seen their show over a dozen times, they still surprise me!

They will have several planes flying through the air at once and every time they fly over the crowd i cower, half squinting my eyes, in fear that they are going to collide. They are known for their distract and attack tricks – don’t worry they don’t attack the crowd or open fire or anything crazy like that.

What they do is swerve and weave through the sky performing the most beautiful aerobatic maneuvers. They remind me of figure skaters – very strong and powerful figure skaters. All the while slowly pulling your attention to one side of sky. A solo plane will mysteriously disappear without the audience’s knowledge. Then. Out of nowhere a roaring F-16 will fly-by only feet above the runway scaring the crap out the entire audience. They honestly get me every time!

I will even make a point in my head to watch for the disappearing plane just before they start, but then, the razzle-dazzle me with their speed, fast jolting movements and effortless near death maneuvers. Then, BOOM! I jump off my seat from the noise and let a little shriek in fear.

It has been a little dream slash goal of mine to become a pilot – even if only for leisure – since i was little. Maybe someday i will get my pilot’s license. For now i’ll settle with my aviators and living vicariously on my deck.

Here is my view from the deck…


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  • Kate
    May 26, 2010

    These photos are SO pretty! Love your tie-dyed socks, so cute with the shoes!

  • von vintage
    May 27, 2010


  • Annie, Time Enough for Drums
    May 28, 2010

    I just moved away from Minneapolis and I miss it dearly! I think Minneapolis has the best skyline of any city around.