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editor’s pick.

I really need to start blogging at a decent hour, but lately i have been soak up as many sun-filled hours of the day as i can – with the proper UV protect of course. Minnesota winters are long and freezing so the soft, warm breeze is welcomed with open arms.

Ok enough about the weather…i have some wonderful news to share with you all! I woke up this morning to lovely email from chictopia: “Congrats you’ve been selected as an Editor’s Pick. Thanks for posting!”

I quickly logged into my chic account to see with my own eyes. Ah, yes, my photos is right there as they had said. Finally, i let my mouth form a big grin, which gladly lingered there all day long. Nothing was going to pull me down off my cheerful cloud of happiness, even if there were several drizzly rain showers trying.

I know becoming an editor’s pick isn’t like winning a noble peace prize, but to me having someone love my little vintage fashion world too is a prize all on its own. I’m just a girl in love with vintage and sharing her finds with the world. Thank you Chictopia – you have made my month! Sincerely.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorites in this month’s stock…enjoy :)


vintage blue and black graphic dress // vintage pastel blouse with bow detail

vintage short-sleeve red blazer // vintage boyfriend leopard blazer
vintage cream sweater with embroidered neck and sleeves // vintage peach boyfriend blazer
vintage white vest with silver beading and tie // vintage black and white pokka-dot dress
vintage cobalt blue silk dress with flowers // vintage navy and gray stripe button up dress with tie
vintage blush blouse with pearl details // vintage floral tank dress with lace up back
vintage three button navy pin stripe blazer with structured shoulders // teal boyfriend blazer

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