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hello. allow me to introduce myself…

i’m kitty cotten. my dad was a huge fan of gunsmoke the television series and named me after – you guessed it – ms. kitty. i am a proud five feet tall with ever changing hair color and eyes that can never decide if they are green or blue.

i graduated from a small college in wisconsin last may with a major in business adm and minor in journalism. my love for fashion, especially vintage, has always been a distraction from my studies, but now as graduate – free of homework, quizzes, tests, reading assignments, writing essays, etc. – i am able to focus on my efforts on my love affair.

after graduation i wondered – for many days, which turned into weeks, which turned into months – what did i want to be when i grew up? then one sunday night eating izzy’s ice cream with my boy, a light bulb started to glow. why not combined what i love with everything i learned at school and create my own future? finishing my norwegian chia ice cream, my creative brain took over building a mini vintage empire.

so here i’m now…scouring racks and racks of clothing, styling every vintage find, “modeling” the outfits and preparing for the launch of Geisha Pearl vintage! i hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog :) if your love for vintage and fashion is a big as mine i suggest you wonder over to our ebay store and browse our exquisite vintage finds…maybe you will see a piece you know you can’t live without – love at first sight really does exist :)


my little photo introduction for your enjoyment :)


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