No. 1 — Find a worn in baseball either hiding in your garage or I found mine at a thrift shop for 69 cents.
No. 2 — With a sharp exact-o knife cut around stitching.
No. 3 — Pull all leather off of the ball’s core.
No. 4 — Find where the stitching point ends and slice the leather at that point.
No. 5 — Begin unraveling the red stitching until it is the desired bracelet length, about 5 to 6 inches depending on your wrist size.
No. 6 — Cut off excess leather, making sure not to cut the red stings.
No. 7 — Begin braiding your red stitching to the length of about 2-1/2 inches and tie-off the ends. I added a cute little red button to one side, making tying the bracelet simple. Enjoy!

+ I have to confess I was not the genius who thought this adorable little diy project up, I stumbled upon it via Pinterest!┬áDidn’t it turn out cute?! It’s the perfect addition to any arm party.


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