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DIY Pretty Little Hair Bow

// Cut a 1-1/4 inch stripe of felt. Then cut that stripe into an 8 inch length and a 6 inch length.

2 // Using fabric glue or a glue gun, run a line of glue along each end.
3 // Fold the ends into the middle to make a bow. It might help to draw a line at the 4 inch mark on the longer stripe and line at the 3 inch mark on the shorter stripe to make a symmetrical bow.
4 // Glue the small bow on top of the larger bow. Cut a small stripe of felt about 1/2 inch wide by 2 inches long to glue over the center.
5 // Using a glue gun, adhere the hair comb to the back of the felt bow.
6 // Cut a small piece of thin apparel-style fabric in a fun pattern or color. Glue the stripe over the hair comb to give it an adorable touch!


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