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Spring Break Lookbook |

Spring Break Lookbook Video

I have to admit I’ve been mentally packing for our trip to the Dominican Republic for about the past month, because I’m a crazy over planner and serial organizer. I mean, I live by my packing cubes. I’m such a dork. Anyways, I decided to put my type-A personality to good use and make a fun, short spring break lookbook video pairing 9 outfits as inspiration for your next adventure in warm weather!

January Favorites

I realize it’s nearly the end of February, but I completely forgot to post my January favorites here, so here goes, enjoy!

Ways to save money travelings | rent a local's apartment or airbnb

Video: 27 Things I Learned At 27

Cue the cheesy birthday music, because today is my 28th birthday! In honor of inching a bit closer the big three-o I thought I’d make a short little video yesterday entitled “27 Things I Learned At 27.”

Video: 50 Facts About Me

Here are 50 random facts about me. Thanks for watching and be sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel for more videos! You can watch my new channel trailer there too!