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Video : Afternoon at Mall of America

So, I spend way too much time at the mall. It all started when I was in diapers, my mom used to meet my grandma to walk around inside Rosedale Mall during the winter months and push me around in my stroller. Nowadays, it’s always our family meeting spot between my mom, my sister and I. We just kind of love walking around and browsing. Not to mention, I’ve got the biggest mall in America only a 10 minute drive from my house, appropriately named Mall of America. It literally has hundreds of shops, but I have my favorites, and when the team at Mall of America approached me about sharing my “best day at the mall,” I thought I’d simply show you all my must-stop-at-shops when I got to the mall! Hope you enjoyed watching the video! Watch here and subscribe for Part 2 “The Haul!”

Mall of America


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