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The Secret of a Happy Relationship?

I recently read a celebrity interview where he divulged the secret of his long and happy marriage: surprises! I wasn’t really expecting that. He reasoned that so much of life is about our routine. By stepping outside that routine and surprising your other half is the perfect relief from the everyday stresses of maintaing that routine and a wonderful spark for romance. I love this idea, but then I thought, ‘How do I keep it up? How often should I surprise him?’ I stopped myself, realizing I was trying to find a way to add it to my routine. There’s no way to manage romance or surprises on a schedule, it’s just that moment of loving and appreciating your other half, then acting upon that moment of thought. Remembering to be grateful for that special person in your life is the first step in sparking a surprise. It doesn’t have to be an over the top event, like rose pedals and gourmet dinner, which is nice every so often. Maybe it’s as simple as dropping a sweet love note in your guys briefcase or come home early just to spend a few extra minutes together or make up a batch of his favorite cookies. Sometimes all you need are those little things. What’s your secret to a happy relationship??


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