Kitty Cotten

Slowing Coming Together

Our Home Updates

So, it’s been a while since I last checked in here. I took a break from traditional blogging and have been working on posting more regularly on my YouTube channel. I’ve been posting a new video every week! Today, I thought I’d stop in a show you a few new bits around our house, which is very slowly coming together!

Minnesota State Fair Vlog

For all Minnesotans the State Fair marks the ceremonies end to our hot, humid blimp of a summer we have. This summer has gone by WAY too fast! I remember the summers between high school and college seemed like they took foooorrrreeever. But now, they seem to slip between my fingers all too quickly. I will say this has been a really exciting summer for Joel and I. I mean, we bought our first house! I’m not complaining the lease bit, just feeling that strange youthful nostalgia that comes with your late 20’s. That’s a thing right?