Sunglasses & Beach Hat Pairings (Under $70)

March 2, 2015

Cheap Sunglasses and Beach Hats

Hat ($58)
Sunglasses ($10)

Hat ($25.50)
Sunglasses ($16)

Hat ($49.50)
Sunglasses ($10)

Hat ($15)
Sunglasses ($40)

I’m 50 shades of pale, so a hat is one of my beach necessities (and lots of sunscreen of course). Plus, I think a hat is the perfect way to add a bit more style to the basic bikini. Top that off with a funky pair of sunnies and a margarita on the rocks and I’ll never leave that sandy beach.

For me, cheap sunglasses are the way to go on a tropical vacation, that way if you have a few too many cervezas and loose track of them you’re only out a few bucks. I bought those two pairs I noted above from amazon and was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been lusting over these pricey Karen Walker Harvest shades for awhile, then I stumbled on that top pair of sunglasses with a similar vibe for dirt cheap and I was all – buy now with one-click. High five.

March Vibe: Tropical Wanderlust

March 1, 2015

Tropical WanderlustTropical WanderlustTropical Wanderlust

Things are changing around here. After lots of brainstorming I’ve decided I’m shifting my blog to more of a lifestyle vibe (sorry in advance for using ‘vibe’ too often in this post, but it’s stuck in my brain right now and I can’t help myself). I’ll continue to share personal posts, but I really want to do something a bit different here. I want this space to be about more than just documenting my life, I want to share beautiful things while valuing the importance of meaningful beauty and living with a purpose. I’m hoping to find a balance between sharing aesthetically pleasing pieces and discussing things that motivate and inspire me in life.

So, I’m taking a leap of faith here and trying something different to give more to this blog. I want to discuss travel, personal style, beauty inside and out, relationships, advice from my experiences, celebrations and entertaining, and personal stories and struggles. I’m really excited for this change. I hope you enjoy what I have planned!

Many blogs have weekly columns, I’ve tried that in the past, but usually end up getting burned out trying to keep it fresh. Instead, I’m going to give each month a theme or topic or vibe as I’ve titled it for this post. On the first of the month I’ll introduce the vibe. Oh man, I really need to come up with a better word than vibe. It sounds so corny now and like something my mom would have said in high school. If you have a better one PLEASE comment below, because thesaurus is running out of synonyms!

The entire month of March will be devoted to the idea of Tropical Wanderlust. I’ve chosen this vibe because at the end the month I’m headed to the Dominican Republic with friends, but it’s also spring break season! I’m going to have a few style roundups for your next beach getaway, tips and advice for traveling with friends, my bare bones beach bag beauty (whoa, say that five times fast), in-flight essentials that make traveling so much better, and photography thoughts for documenting your next trip. I’m giving myself a goal of posting 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)! So stay tuned and get your passport ready! Things are warming up around here.

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Current Topshelf Accessories

February 25, 2015

Current topself acessories | Current topself acessories | Current topself acessories | Current topself acessories |

Nearly every time I go into Sephora for the past few months I ask for sample of the Elizabeth and James Black Nirvana perfume because I’m a cheapskate and hate to spend money on perfumes, yet I can drop 35 bucks on a YSL lipstick because it’s the ‘perfect shade I can’t live without.’ Two days ago I finally bought the damn thing, but I still didn’t commit to the big guy, which I’m sure will happen because I’m completely enthralled with this scent. It’s perfect. I’ve been wearing the same two perfumes since high school so it’s kind of a big deal to me when I find a new signature scent. Okay enough about my penny-pinching ways and new bodily scene, the other goods in the photos above have been my favorite accessories in my daily routine. I’m really into more angular jewelry lately, of course in only gold. My RayBan clubmasters are my style go-to shades because they make me feel cooler than I am. I’m lazy about my eye makeup during the week and opt for a quick bold lip before I bolt out the door for work and this poppy lipgloss is everything to me right now and this lipstick will always be my very favorite shade of red.

Bracelets from J.Crew & Banana Republic are sold out / Necklace / Sunglasses / Lipgloss / Lipstick / Perfume / Watch / Cheese Plate

January Favorites

February 24, 2015

I realize it’s nearly the end of February, but I completely forgot to post my January favorites here, so here goes, enjoy!

B E A U T Y:
NYX creme blush in “natural”
SMASHBOX undereye primer
LUSH grease lighting
MALIN + GOETZ mojito lip balm
YES TO CUCUMBERS eye makeup remover pads
LUSH rehab shampoo and veganese conditioner

S T Y L E:
T.J. MAXX bucket bag
LOFT cat print pouch

F O O D:
SEVEN SUNDAYS blueberry chia buckwheat muesli

O D D I T I E S:
EAGLE CREEK packing cubes

Checking in around here…

February 24, 2015

Outfit of the dayOutfit layout

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I shared in this space. A month! So, here’s a little life update with me over the past month – the duplex we live in is sold and we’ll probably have to move shortly, but we’re trying to buy a house so the timing sucks, and we are half-assing wedding planning (which really just means we’re preoccupied with house hunting). The combination of all these things has me crazy stressed. The other day I cried the whole way home from work, which actually felt wonderful. I’m not much of a crier, but it felt so good to just let it out. I realized I needed to do something about this overwhelming feeling of everything happening at once.


Don’t get me wrong all these things I listed are amazing things that I’m truly excited to do in my life, it’s just attempting them all at once feels like madness. After my 20 minute commute with puffy bloodshot eyes I parked my car in our driveway and just sat in the front seat thinking, “I’ve really got do something about this. That cry felt good, but seriously, self, you need to get a handle on this big ball of stress, like now or you’re going to go nuts.” My solution was to watch this TED Talk when I finally made it inside to my couch followed by this one, which made me cry more, but in that way where you feel so much relief that you’re not alone in these thoughts and feelings, and that I really need to learn to be more vulnerable (that makes more sense after you watch the first video). My mind felt re-balanced and my perspective shifted to a more positive place of acceptance and awareness of my feelings instead of attempting to hide the mounting stress. This post definitely isn’t supposed to be a pity party for myself. Instead it’s just one gal saying to another that, “Yes, we all get crazy stressed out somethings, even about the good things in our lives and it’s okay. We’re human. Just accept and acknowledge it. Don’t burry it inside because you feel bad or that people might think you’re ungrateful, it only hurts you more.”

Victoria's Secret bikini catalogBeer tasting at Lyn Lake Brewery Minneapolis

During this unexpected leave of absence from my blog, I’ve been brainstorming a lot about what I want to do with this space in 2015, what I want to share more of and less of here. I’ve been really into creating videos for my youtube channel, which I’m really enjoying. It’s aloooot of work and time to create, but I truly love filming, editing and all together creating in this medium. So, if you haven’t already subscribe to my channel go here! I’m trying to find balance between my blog, youtube channel, and social media. With all these changes in my life ahead, I’ve excited to share different content here about buying a house and making over the spaces, our wedding plans and I’d really love to start sharing more about the business side of blogging I’ve learned over the years, as well as some of my advice and tips! So, I’m taking a deep breath and diving back in refreshed and it feels so good.

Coming up in my life in the next few months is more house hunting, a week trip to Dominican Republic with a group of my best friends, and a lot of creating meaningful things to share in this space. Stay tuned! If you want to see what I get up to on a daily basis you can follow me on snapchat (username: kittycotten) and instagram! Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I’m truly grateful for all my readers/subscribers! Thank you!

27 Things I Learned At 27

January 22, 2015

Cue the cheesy birthday music, because today is my 28th birthday! In honor of inching a bit closer the big three-o I thought I’d make a short little video yesterday entitled “27 Things I Learned At 27.” Here’s the written version…

  1. Always where a minimum of SPF 15.
  2. Opt to take the stairs.
  3. Know the news because what’s happening in the world is important.
  4. Buy less. Buy better.
  5. Looking for the closes parking spot is a total waste of time. Just park and walk.
  6. Embrace your limitations, they are often what makes you unique and interesting.
  7. Keep your finances organized.
  8. Invest in your retirement.
  9. Try something new as often as you can.
  10. Be generous with your time, your talents and your money. It’s incredibly rewarding to give back.
  11. A really good high quality pair of bedsheets if totally worth the money.
  12. Genuinely compliment people, because it could be the one thing that makes their day better and you’ll feel better too.
  13. Find a pair of jeans that fits you really well and buy multiple pairs in every wash.
  14. Be a better listeners and you’ll be a better friend.
  15. Despite what your brain is telling you when you wake up, you can in fact make it a whole day without coffee.
  16. There is no checklist to adulthood. Ignore those questions about what you’re doing next from your well intended family and friends, and just enjoy what’s happening right now.
  17. Be present and don’t make assumptions.
  18. Stop over sleeping.
  19. Do more things in your life at 100% instead of multi-tasking.
  20. Trust your gut. It’s always right.
  21. Floss your teeth daily.
  22. Re-watch The Office tv show. I swear it’s better the second time around.
  23. Do more things solo like go to a movie or get dinner or travel somewhere.
  24. Daydreaming and having goals are good, but doing is better.
  25. Just book that flight and go somewhere amazing. If you really truly want to travel you’ll figure it out.
  26. If you don’t think you’re a runner or you don’t like it, give it another shot, but this time buy a nice pair of running shoes. Turns out I actually like running now.
  27. Stop comparing yourself to other people’s online lives. No ones life is what it looks like online, mine included.

4 Last Minute NYE Outfits

December 31, 2014

I hope you all have a happy and safe New Years Eve celebration! Here’s a few last minute outfit ideas to pair with those makeup looks tonight as you ring in the new year! See you 2015 with new goals, new projects, more beauty and more travels! I have a feeling 2015 is going to a big year filled with new adventures as Joel and I try to plan a wedding and travel to new places – top of my list next year is Dominican Republic, Utah, Peru and Thailand!

Wear to that fancy dinner date tonight.
Zara Dress | J.Crew Necklaces | DSW Heels | My clutch my prom circa 2004
New Years Eve last minute outfit ideas

Wear to your best friend’s NYE house party.
J.Crew Top | Forever21 Skirt | J.Crew Tights | J.Crew Flats | Aldo Clutch
New Years Eve last minute outfit ideas

Kick off those heals, pour yourself and you’re loved ones a glass of champagne and watch the ball drop from your couch.
Old Navy Sweater | American Apparel Maxi Skirt | Bauble Bar Necklace | Aldo Clutch | Shoedazzle Heels
New Years Eve last minute outfit ideas

Wear to that dive bar that won’t charge you cover to get in on NYE.
Express Sweatshirt | Forever21 Skirt | Sam Edelman Heels
New Years Eve last minute outfit ideas

3 Makeup Tutorials to Get You New Years Eve Ready

December 30, 2014

Tomorrow is New Years Eve! I love having an excuse to dress up and try out a new makeup look! I find doing my makeup is so relaxing – that is when I give myself enough time! We aren’t going to big New Years bash this year, instead we’re getting sushi at my favorite spot with a group of friends. I thought I’d share the 3 looks I’m thinking of doing for our dinner date, which one do you like? I can’t decide!

Dramatic Black and Silver Glitter Look by Teni Panosian:

Warm Gold Glitter Smokey Eye by Pixiwoo:

Bold Red Lip and Subtle Gold Eyeshadow by Lisa Eldridge: