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hello friend!

hey there, it’s nice to meet you - i’m kitty

From as far back as I can remember I’ve loved interiors. From my childhood bedroom I spent every summer between grades redecorating to my current home I share with my husband and three kids, I’m passionate about creating a beautiful and functional home. I will teach you how to create make it your dream space despite your design dilemmas. Your home is the backdrop to your memories – let’s make it beautiful!

Your home is the backdrop to your memories. Let’s make it beautiful. 

our current home

slowly transforming our builder-grade home into a home with character

We moved into our current builder-grade home in 2020 and have been thoughtfully transforming the spaces to create a functional and beautiful home for our family. We’re being strategic with our budget and working with some our design dilemmas instead of against them – I’m talking about your brown speckled kitchen countertops and honey maple cabinets. Picking the right paint color and finishes can completely transform a room (no demo required!).


A Few Facts

Minnesota mom of three who’s loved decorating since grade school.

Yep, my real name is Kitty Cotten. 

thrift stores and antique shops are my happy place.



Favorite decor piece in my home

A wood sculpture my husband and I bought in Costa Rica where we got married. 


Favorite Food

This feels impossible to answer, but probably pasta and chocolate.


My Guilty Pleasure

All things 90 Day Fiance. 


what I do for fun

Oil painting, quilting, film photography, and dancing with my kids to old school music I loved in high school.

Interiors Philosophy

intentional design

functional spaces

showcases personality

curation journey

Strategic spend

design with intention

Creating your dream home based on what makes you happy and what works best in the space doesn’t happen overnight. No extreme weekend room makeovers. Decorating your space and curating the pieces takes time. Over that time you want your space to evolve with you and your family. I’ll teach you how to create a vision for a space that will guide over time.