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Kitty Cotten Blogger and YouTuber from MinneapolisTHE GIRL

Hi, I’m Kitty. (Yep, real name.) I was born and raised in Minnesota and currently live in Minneapolis. I love the internet, spend too much money on skincare products, daydream in cities I’ve never visited but can’t wait to see, and pride myself in knowing how to change out a whole toilet (my dad only had daughters). I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a Bachelors in Business and a minor in Journalism.

As a kid, I spent my free time reading historical fiction, styling my dolls, watching Oprah with my mom, cutting out my favorite looks from magazines and gluing them into a notebook (kinda like pinterest without the internet) and re-decorating my bedroom annually. I gotta say, not much has changed. Now, I just post this stuff online.

THE BLOG shares a love of meaningful beauty and living with a purpose. This space is about more than just acquiring beautiful pieces and sharing an aesthetic, it’s about creating meaning in one’s life by discussing topics that inspire and motivate. is a personal perspective and an authentic lifestyle blog that discusses travel, style, beauty, relationships, celebrations and personal stories from the perspective of it’s author Kitty Cotten.


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