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MISSION shares a love of meaningful beauty and living with a purpose. KC community ignites wanderlust dreams, celebrates personal style and motivates its readers to be a better human in this world. This space is about more than just acquiring beautiful pieces and sharing an aesthetic, it’s about creating meaning in one’s life by discussing topics that inspire, motivate and intrigue it’s audience. is a personal perspective and an authentic lifestyle blog that discusses travel, style, beauty, relationships, celebrations and personal stories from the perspective of it’s author Kitty Cotten.


Kitty Cotten


This blog is a union of Kitty’s favorite things: beautiful style, desire to learn and fascination with the social online world. Kitty received a Bachelors degree in Business from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a minor in Journalism. Kitty’s background is largely based in online marketing including web design, search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media outreach balanced by her offline talents in photography, videography, styling and editing. Kitty has the innate ability to understand and conceptualize projects from both the business and creative side. She desires to work with brands that she’s passionate about and parallels her blog’s mission.



The KC reader is smart with a classic sense of style, has a strong desire to travel the world for new experiences, and believes in giving back to the world she lives. Her passions and instincts guide her life’s decisions. Her time and money is valuable, so she appreciates getting recommendations from a friend or brand she trusts. She doesn’t desire to own everything, just the best things for her.

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