DIY Bar Cart

Say hello to our new bar cart! Isn’t she great?! I found this old metal cart via craigslist. Originally I thought I was going to paint is a beautiful metallic gold color, but it just didn’t look right in my head with all our bar goodies. Then I thought, green? No, not next to our green couch. A soft butter yellow? Neah. For a moment I thought pink! but knew Joel wouldn’t be as thrilled. Then I hit me! A deep navy color would look lovely next to all our gold accessories and would fit in well with the rest of our living room. Three cans of navy spray paint later, we had a beautiful bar cart to style.

See a little video of my new bar cart right over here!

I found these glass containers at a thrift shop, which house whiskey, vodka and gin. And of course tequila was a necessary purchase at the Cancun airport before our return flight home. I think I might spray paint that RESERVED sign gold, what do you think? Or maybe pink?

I gave Joel this set of pin-up girl glasses for our 5th anniversary  They look totally innocent until you turn them around, and BAM they’re naked. I love things with unexpected humor and luckily so does Joel.


8 thoughts on “DIY Bar Cart

  1. Nicole

    What a great find! i’ve recently been trying to remember to check Craigslist more and i am going to be furnishing my almost finished basement soon but so far no luck. This inspires me to keep searching!

  2. Cherie

    I just found the EXACT cart (today) that the neighbor across the alley threw out, it is white with chrome frame. (also some old metal roller skates that you need a key to adjust. ) I can’t wait to update the cart. Thanks for the idea!!

  3. Aileen

    Love the cart! Did you change the wheels to the clear ones or did they come like that? I found one with black wheels and want the clear ones.

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  5. Clarissa

    Hi! Just found your blog by google searching bar carts LOL :) I must ask: What is a good price for one of these carts? I found one similar on CL and they’re asking $75… is that too high?? Please let me know!! I really need some guidance as I have NO idea what I should pay and I’ve been wanting a bar cart for a while. Thanks so much, appreciate your help!



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